Full Time - Switzerland

We are hiring a composites and manufacturing Manager. You will build the super lightweight carbon fibre structure of our autonomous delivery drones. These drones will then deliver millions of meals and other packages to our customers.

You will spend most of your time doing hands-on work in our workshop. Your main tasks are designing, producing and preparing the molds that you will then use to create the carbon fibre parts. Once the first drones are finished, you will work on standardising the production process for consistent quality.

In detail, these are the 3 tasks that you will focus on:

  1. Mold design: We have tested more than 30 different shapes of our delivery drone in the wind tunnel over the past few months. You will take the final design of our drone and design the CAD models of the molds to produce the drones out of carbon fibre. The focus of your design will be on building the drone at the maximum strength to weight ratio.

  2. Mold production and preparation: When the design of the mold is set, you will print the molds with our 3D printers. You then need to carefully prepare the printed molds for carbon fibre molding. This requires a lot of attention to detail so that the final molding process is a success

  3. Production of parts & assembly: Create the final parts using the super thin carbon fibre tissue and epoxy. Use the vacuum bags to allow precise curing and remove excess epoxy. Once the individual parts are finished, post process them and assemble using carbon fibre laminate or epoxy glue.

There will also be periods where you will help other members of the team on other hardware related subjects.


  • The most important thing is that you are excited about this project, and like the mission of our company.

  • Good CAD skills. We use SOLIDWORKS but experience on any other CAD program is good too.

  • Experience with composites manufacturing

  • Experience with tinkering and building things. It doesn't matter if that experience comes from your free time, previous jobs, university, or your childhood. But hands on experience is an absolute must.

  • Experience with 3D printing is beneficial.

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