Full Time - Switzerland

We are hiring an embedded hardware/ PCB design engineer. You will design the electronic system which powers and controls our autonomous delivery drones. These drones will then deliver millions of meals and other packages to our customers. 


Your main task will be to design the electronic system of our delivery drones. Our autonomous drones contain high current switching, AI-oriented processing systems as well as sensitive sensors. All of them need to work together perfectly in order to build the highest quality and most reliable delivery system.


In detail, these are the 3 tasks that you will focus on: 

  1. PCB Design: We are designing our custom PCB that hosts a dedicated AI accelerator module as well as a variety of micro processing units and peripherals. The main processor is an AI optimized SoM (System on Module).  It is important that the processors can communicate with peripherals efficiently with the smallest possible signal to noise ratio. Signal integrity is very important, since the performance of the entire drone depends on it. In order to do efficient deliveries, the drone must be optimized for weight. For you as an embedded hardware engineer this means to optimize PCB real estate to reduce both the size and the weight of the boards.

  2. Power Stage Design: To have a maximum reliable drone in the air, a well-designed and fully redundant power system is required. How does the power flow from the batteries to the motors, servos as well as the processing and sensing electronics? You will need to take into account  battery management, efficiency and performance during the design process. Finally and most importantly, the design must be fully redundant, such that no single failure leads to a drone incapable of flying. This task includes the design of a power distribution board which will host battery connectors and power converters for several different voltage rails.

  3. Motors, motor controllers and servos: What are the best actuators for our drone and how do we control them? You will design and program the most reliable and efficient system that will allow our drone to stay in the air free of errors for thousands of hours.


For all these tasks you will need to work closely together with other members of the team, such as the control and the AI team. There will also be periods where you will help other members of the team on other relevant problems. 



  • The most important thing is that you are excited about this project, and like the mission of our company. 

  • Understanding of embedded electronics and its unique caveats. 

  • PCB design skills. We use KiCad but experience on any other PCB CAD program is good too. 

  • Experience with soldering and hands-on work with electronics.

  • Experience with embedded software (architecture and languages).

  • Experience with tinkering and building things. It doesn't matter if that experience comes from your free time, previous jobs, university, or your childhood. But hands on experience is an absolute must.

  • Experience with embedded communication protocols (SPI, I2C, UART, MIPI-CSI, CAN, etc.).

  • Experience in building entire (small) robotic systems is beneficial.

***application deadline ending soon, apply now***