OneSecondDelivery is a food delivery platform that uses autonomous drones to deliver meals to your balcony or front yard. We deliver everything 5 times faster and 10 times cheaper, thanks to small autonomous delivery-robots. We are constantly looking for talented people in the field of engineering, quality control and operations to expand our team.



OneSecondDelivery was founded in late 2017 by a leading expert on drone legislation and a successful e-commerce entrepreneur. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s Vice Presidency of Innovation has recognized the large potential of this project and has supported us with the XGrant Prize and other resources.



We are building fully autonomous, completely noiseless, highly reliable delivery drones.

Our drone is considered by many people to be the most advanced aircraft ever designed. It has the gliding efficiency of some airline jets, but also has all the abilities of a helicopter. We have designed, built and tested more than 400 variants of our aircraft in a wind tunnel to optimize for aerodynamic efficiency and stability. The noise frequency of the propellors is below the human hearing threshold, making it virtually silent. It weighs only 800 grams, has 200 kilometers of range, and more sensors and compute power than any consumer drone. It was built with a safety standard that exceeds the safety of many large manned aircraft, using fully redundant components, a first in the drone industry.

On the software side, we have developed the worlds largest depth estimation dataset, and we are pushing AI and machine learning technologies to the next level. This AI makes it possible for us to safely deploy a fleet of drones in any given city around the world, where they will be able to navigate fully autonomously and collision free to their destination. We use highly robust control systems and path planning algorithms, and combine them with the most cutting edge machine learning techniques for computer vision and perception. 



We are a fast growing and international team with our offices based in Switzerland in the beautiful cities of Lausanne and Zurich.

Our goal is to build the biggest retail company in the world. A platform that connects customers with local businesses, and a fleet of delivery robots to connect them together.

We are currently in the middle of the legal approval process for our delivery drones with the Swiss Federal Aviation Authorities.



Dannick Head.PNG


Responsible for Hardware & Regulations

  • World leading expert on drone Regulation

  • Founder of SORA Consulting GmbH - Businesses and government bodies from around the world hire him for his team's expertise in drone risk assessment and legal compliance.

  • Former Head of UTM Risk Services AirMap

  • Special expertise in Aerospace Engineering, Risk Management & Aeronautical system reliability

  • Educational background in Mechanical Engineering and Management & Entrepreneurship (EPFL) and Aerospace Engineering (TU Delft)



Executive Chairman
Responsible for Software & Business Development

  • Expert in E-commerce, digital Marketing, Business development and finance

  • Special expertise in Software Development & Artificial Intelligence

  • Founder of the Miaustore Group, a vertically integrated Ecommerce business with 40+ full time employees

  • Educational background in mechanical engineering (EPFL) and industrial engineering, transport and logistics (BarcelonaTech)



Check out our latest job postings. We are always looking for talented people to join us on our mission.