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Electronic Circuit

Full Time - Switzerland

We are hiring an electrical engineer. You will design the electronic system which powers and controls our autonomous delivery drones.
Our systems contain high current switching, AI-oriented processing systems as well as sensitive sensors. All of them ...


Full Time - Switzerland

We are hiring a control engineer. You will be responsible to model our autonomous delivery drones and design a robust control system. These drones will be flying in dense urban areas as well as rural areas. Varying flying conditions such as changing ...

Machine learning analytics identify vehi

Full Time

We are hiring a Dataset and Machine Learning Manager to work remotely. You will build the Datasets and Neural Networks that fly our autonomous delivery drones. Just like any real life machine learning project, you will spend most of your time on infrastructure and ...

Professional worker with gloves manually

Full Time - Switzerland

We are hiring a composites and manufacturing Manager. You will build the super lightweight carbon fibre structure of our autonomous delivery drones. These drones will then deliver millions of meals and other packages to our customers.
You will spend most of your time ...