In our eyes, small delivery robots are a more natural way for people to trade goods than the current system of Automobiles, Supermarkets and Large Distribution centers. Those things did not exist 150 years ago. Our local marketplace with small delivery robots is much closer to the old way we lived for hundreds of years. The local butcher can sell his meat on our marketplace app. The local bakery can sell their bread , and the local farmers can sell his eggs and milk through our app. Each drone delivery replaces either a car trip to a store, or it replaces a trip by a delivery truck.  Not only do we reduce CO2 emissions this way, but we also reduce the number of cars and parking lots in the city. Self driving cars for personal transportation will have a similar effect. And together with our service, this will make our cities more green again,
and create more space for humans, just like it has always been, until 90 years ago when the Automobile
started to take over our cities and filled them with concrete, noise and pollution.


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